A life's work.

Aaron Johnson founded Ball Beyond in 2015.

Johnson's vision was to create a training and consulting agency that could represent today's basketball elite as a brand. His goal is to use the Ball Beyond brand to lead athletes down the right path and accomplish all of their goals. Through hard work and overcoming adversity, life lessons are learned. Ball Beyond wants you to Ball Beyond Your Limits—maximizing your full potential in sports, business and in life.

As a former professional basketball player in Europe, Johnson is well travelled. He’s played professionally in Russia, Latvia, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Turkey, Croatia, Holland, Greece, and Cyprus. 

Like anyone who has chosen to dedicate their life to something they love, accolades begin to pile up for Johnson. He led two separate countries in rebounding and won a championship in the LEB Gold League (CB Murcia, Spain). While playing in college (Penn State), Johnson was the Big Ten’s top rebounder two of the three years he played and was ranked 14th nationally his junior season.

When he’s not playing basketball, Aaron works hard to hone his business acumen. He worked as a marketer at ING Direct and has consulted for numerous companies like EBRM ands Dune Road Group (NYC).

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