League Rules

1. Game Play:
Four 10-minute quarters with a running clock for the first 9 minutes of each quarter. The clock will stop during the last minute of each quarter for all timeouts and stoppages of play.  

2. Overtime:
All overtimes are 5 minutes long with a running clock. Only 1 overtime will be played.

3. Fouls:
Each player is allowed six personal fouls. Two technical fouls equals an ejection. Technical fouls also count as team fouls.

4. Foul Shots:
One-and-one on the 7th team foul. Two shots on the 10th team foul. 

5. Free Throws:
During free throws, players cannot enter the free throw lane/circle until ball hits the rim. 

6. Time Outs:
Each team gets four time outs during regulation time and one additional time in overtime.

7. Calling Time Outs:
he head coach, not an assistant, may request a time out, but the time out is only granted when a referee acknowledges the request.

8. The Bench Area:
Only the head coach may stand and he/she is restricted to an area spanning the length of the bench — from the first to last seat. Do not block the scorekeeper’s vision. All assistant coaches and bench players must remain seated except during time outs and between periods. 

9. Forfeits:
Teams may begin the game with four players, but the opponent can still play with five.  Teams with less than 4 players will forfeit the game.

Conduct & Game Notes

1. Pace of Game:
Referees will keep the game moving.

2. Substitutions:
Substitutes will be beckoned into the game by referees. Substitutes will report to scorer’s table or a designated spot at half-court before they are allowed to enter the game.

3. Behavior:
Taunting, profanity and “trash” talking will not be tolerated. Referees are not required to warn a player or coach before assessing a technical foul.

4. Fighting:
Fighting is an automatic ejection and 1 game suspension. A second ejection for fighting is an automatic suspension from the league (no refunds will be given).

5. Half-Time:
Teams will have a 5 minute halftime.

Coaching Expectations 

• Coaches must supervise their team members before, during and after the game

• Coaches should supply basic first aid supplies, towels, ice, etc.

• Coaches are to bring two basketballs for warm-ups

• Coaches are to provide a completed score sheet – with names and jersey numbers – to the scorekeeper prior to the game

Coaches should clean up your bench area during and after the game

• Coaches should remind parents and spectators to supervise all children while in the gym area.